Photovoltaic Backsheet Market – Technological breakthroughs, Value chain and stakeholder analysis by 2026

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Photovoltaic Backsheet Market: Overview

Photovoltaic (PV) backsheet constitutes the outermost layer of the PV module assembly and is one of the most critical materials used in the solar PV module assembly. The PV backsheet is designed to protect the inner components of the module, particularly PV cells and electrical components, from external stresses as well as act as an electrical insulator throughout its lifetime. In order to achieve this, PV backsheet material must be robust in construction, comprising a three-layer laminate and possess high dielectric properties. PV backsheets are provided by many companies in a number of configurations to accommodate a wide variety of module types and technologies.

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The selection of backsheet material for solar panels has a substantial impact on the way they withstand elements such as moisture, temperature changes, chemical substances, and physical damages and their performance over a tenure. An ideal backsheet should be able to provide protection against moisture, physical damage, and UV rays, while also minimizing the occurrence of electrical discharge and thermal degradation. A reliable PV backsheet facilitates solar module manufacturers to optimize their cell quality at the same time lowering manufacturing cost per watt. The PV backsheet material is layered with an encapsulant on the solar cell.

The value for money of investment in PV module is strongly influenced by the initial cost and the return of the investment (profit), which depends on performances (energy output), time, and costs of maintenance. The right choice of backsheet material strongly influences all these parameters, which is why the selection of a good quality backsheet is of profound importance. Although the PV backsheet only comprises 3%-4% of the total cost of a solar panel, the criticality of a solar panel backsheet is far higher compared to its cost contribution. PV backsheets are customized according to their application and service period time. For instance, in order to protect a solar PV module for over 25 years, the backsheet must have three critical properties: weatherability, mechanical strength, and adhesion. However, the most important thing is achieving the optimal balance of these three properties.

The global solar Photovoltaic Backsheet market is expected to witness an upsurge in near future due to the ongoing expansion of the photovoltaic industry coupled with favorable regulatory schemes and initiatives fostering the development of PV modules. Furthermore, reduced production cost, technological advancements, streamlined government policies, and rising investments from funding consortiums organized by local authorities across emerging nations are anticipated to create an incremental market opportunity for the Photovoltaic Backsheet market in the near future.

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The Photovoltaic Backsheet Market can be been segmented based on cell, material, and region in terms of value. In terms of cell, the Photovoltaic Backsheet market can be classified into photovoltaic (PV) and thin film solar cells. Based on material, the Photovoltaic Backsheet  market can be categorized into fluoride and non-fluoride.

In terms of region, the Photovoltaic Backsheet market is dominated by Europe, which constitutes around 30% market share. Central and Eastern Europe are emerging regions of the Photovoltaic Backsheet market in Europe. The Photovoltaic Backsheet market in Asia Pacific is significant on account of presence of countries such as China, India, Taiwan, Japan, and South Korea, which are emerging hotspots and hold great potential for future market development. North America accounts for a fair Photovoltaic Backsheet market share, and Canada is expected to be an emerging country of the Photovoltaic Backsheet market over the forecast period.

Global Photovoltaic Backsheet Market: Key Players

Prominent players operating in the global Photovoltaic Backsheet Market include DuPont, Isovoltaic, Coveme, Arkema, 3M, Toyo Aluminium, Madico, Hangzhou, Taiflex, Krempel, Targray, Toray, Dunmore, Astenik, and ZTT International.

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