Automotive Transmission System Market Outlook and Opportunities in Grooming Regions with Forecast to 2022

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Key Insights: Global Automotive Transmission System Market

APEJ Continues to Develop a Hotbed of Opportunities for Automotive Transmission System Production Giants

Fact.MR in its report on the global automotive transmission system market reveals that Asia Pacific (excluding Japan), which is currently the top ranking regional space for automotive transmission system, will remain the largest automotive transmission system production hub throughout the assessment period 2017-2022.

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With an already massive share in the global automotive manufacturing industry, APEJ will continue to encourage outsourcing of automotive transmission system production predominantly owing to the low price point of raw materials and labor – creating to the favorable production cost scenario for manufacturers. Towards the end of 2022, FACT.MR expects the global automotive transmission system market to exceed the value worth US$ 40 Bn, of which over 35% share is presumed to be held by APEJ automotive transmission system market.

Top-of-the-line Demand for Manual Automotive Transmission System to Persist in Emerging Asian Economies

While manufacturers of manual automotive transmission system have been targeting the cost-conscious customer in developing Asian economies, evidently growing sales of automatic automotive transmission systems are quite promising. Severe traffic congestion scenario in urban areas will continue to worsen over the next few years, thereby pushing the demand for automatic automotive transmission systems such as dual clutch and CVTs. However, this does not translate to the dooming performance of manual automotive transmission system. Higher fuel efficiency and affordable pricing of manual automotive transmission system over its automated and automatic variants is likely to enable it to forge ahead at a steady pace through 2022.

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Booming Significance of Fuel Efficiency to Pave the Way for Design Innovation in Automotive Transmission System Market

As the focus on fuel efficiency is spiraling over the time, the demand for electrification of vehicles is also elevating. With hybrid EVs, battery-powered vehicles, and fuel cell EVs estimated for decently growing demand with ascending sustainability quotient, new development and design possibilities are likely to bring in a slew of innovations specific to automotive transmission systems. As automotive transmission system makes up the heaviest part of the entire powertrain system, it is most likely that the automotive transmission system space will witness design innovations targeting reduced weight of the automotive transmission system suitable for lightweight and eventually fuel efficient vehicles.

About the Report on Global Automotive Transmission System Market

In a new study presented by Fact.MR, the global automotive transmission system market has been thoroughly analyzed between 2017 and 2022, with an aim to provide the most actionable insights on the futuristic scenario of automotive transmission system market, to established as well as newly entering players in the global automotive transmission system marketplace.

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The report throws light on all the key aspects associated with the growth of automotive transmission system market over 2017-2022, with emphasizing the analysis of the factors that are expected to pose the most significant impact on the performance of automotive transmission system market over the assessment period. FACT.MR’s report on the global automotive transmission system market has been prepared with an objective to empower automotive transmission system manufacturers with unbiased, accurate insights on the market to strategize their development in the long run.

Market Definition: Automotive Transmission System

Automotive transmission system, popularly termed as powertrain, is a collective system of functional automotive components such as gear, gearbox, clutch, universal joints, tires, wheels, rear axle, and propeller shaft. The term transmission generally refers to the automotive gearbox including gears and gear trains, which perform the conversions of speed and torque from a revolving source of power to other device. Automotive transmission system is a machine within the power transmission system that imparts controlled application of power. The mechanism of automotive transmission system works on the conduction of power transmission between the automobile engine and driving wheels. The automotive transmission system converts the final engine into the automobile’s torque.

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