Coronary Stents Market To Be Worth $13.60 billion by 2026 Top Players Abbott, Boston SciTech, Inspire MD

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Global Coronary Stents Market is expected to rise from its initial estimated value of USD 7.76 billion in 2018 to an estimated value of USD 13.60 billion by 2026, registering a CAGR of 7.2% in the forecast period of 2019-2026. Stents are small, expandable tubes that treat narrowed arteries in your body. In people with coronary heart disease caused by the buildup of plaque, they can: Open narrowed arteries, Reduce symptoms, like chest pain And Help treat a heart attack. These types are called heart stents, but they’re also referred to as cardiac stents or coronary stents. A small mesh like elastic tube composed of metal like cobalt alloy or stainless steel that attaches onto small balloons and opens inside the artery to support the vessel wall and facilitates the blood flow is known as a Stent.


Top Competitors of Market :

Abbott (US), Boston SciTech Inc. (US), Minvasys (France), Medinol Ltd (Israel), iVascular SLU (Spain), Elixir Medical Corporation (US), Inspire MD Inc. (Israel), STENTYS SA (France), Hexacath (France), Medtronic (US), Andramed GmbH (Germany), Cardinal Health (US), ORBUSNEICH MEDICAL (Hong Kong), Eurocor Tech GmbH (Germany), Comed B.V. (Netherlands), Endocor GmbH (Germany), MicroPort Scientific Corporation (China), Amaranth Medical, Inc. (Singapore), Terumo Corporation (Japan), Degania Silicone Ltd. (Israel), Meril Life Sciences Pvt. Ltd. (IN), InSitu Technologies Inc. (US), AlviMedica (Turkey), Biotronik SE & Co. KG (Germany), amg International GmbH (Ireland), Arthesys (France), Lepu Medical (China), Translumina Therapeutics (Germany), among other companies are the major key players of this Coronary Stents Market.


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The Research Is Segmented On Basis Of :

  • By Product Type, Type of stent is Dual Therapy Stent, Bioresorbable Vascular Scaffold, Drug Eluting Stent (DES), Paclitaxel, Limus-Based Drugs, Bio-Engineered Stent and Bare Metal Stent.
  • By Absorption Rate, They have Slow-Absorption DES and Fast-Absorption DES.
  • By Material, Material are use Stainless Steel, Cobalt Alloy Metal, Gold, Tantalum and Nitinol Polymers.
  • By Rate, Rate of the stents is Slow-Absorption Stents and Fast-Absorption Stents.
  • By Application, There are several disease like Coronary artery disease and Peripheral artery disease.
  • By End Users, End user go through Hospitals, Cardiac centers and Others.
  • By Geographically, North America, South America, Germany and Middle East and Africa.


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