Future of Cosmetic Containers Market | Will Everything be Refillable?

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Cosmetic containers include bottles, jars, palettes, vials & ampoules, etc. which are used for the packaging of hair care, nail-care, skincare, and make-up products. Cosmetic containers are available in materials such as glass, plastic, metal, ceramic, etc. High-end cosmetic containers include heavy-wall PET bottles, heavy-wall PET jars, and glass containers for luxury cosmetic packaging.

Heavy-wall PET cosmetic containers have the same look and feel as that of glass containers, and at the same time, they maintain the crystal clear appearance of PET containers. Since cosmetic bottles and jars made of PET plastic are heavy-wall and lightweight at the same time, they are ideal for e-commerce, as well as for companies seeking eco-friendly packaging alternatives for cosmetic products.

Packaging plays an important role in the branding of cosmetic products. The cosmetic containers should be designed in manner that enables the product to easily come out, but not go in. Apart from ease of use, another important element of cosmetic containers is their pilfer resistance. Most of the cosmetic containers have a seal component that is broken when the package is opened for the first time. The four main aspects that are considered for the selection of a cosmetic container are the type of container, its compatibility with the product, functionality, and its ability to protect the product.

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Cosmetic containers, including jars and bottles, are widely used across the globe due to the numerous dispensing options including jet and drop inserts, spray nozzles, frothing caps, and pump heads. Moreover, it is important for cosmetic containers to not absorb substances from the products stored in them, for instance, the absorption of water from creams into cardboard. The cosmetic containers market is expected to witness moderate to high growth worldwide due to the growth of the global cosmetic packaging market.

Global Cosmetic Containers Market: Dynamics

Plastics in packaging have proved useful for a number of reasons, including the ease with which they can be formed, high quality, and the freedom of design. Plastic cosmetic containers are extremely resilient to breakage, owing to which they can offer safety to consumers, along with reduction of losses due to breakage at all the levels of distribution and usage. Plastic cosmetic containers are in high demand owing to factors such as low cost, light weight, durability, inertness to most chemicals, and their ability to retain their shape for a long period.