DC-DC Converter Market -Forecast Research Reports Offers Key Insights

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A DC-DC converter is an electromechanical device that changes direct current (DC) source from one voltage level to another. In most of the appliances, where a constant voltage is required a DC power supply is used. Power ranges from very low to very high in DC-DC converter. They are used in various devices such as computers, laptop, cellular phone, spacecraft power systems, buses, and lighting systems among others. The power is primarily supplied to device through batteries. These devices are connected to batteries where the customer requires voltage level translation. Generally, DC-DC converters are available in two type, isolated DC-DC converter and non-isolated DC-DC converter. Forward converter, fly back converter, full bridge converter, half bridge converter, and push-pull converter are some of the commonly used isolated DC-DC converter. Whereas, boost converter, buck converter, and buck-boost converter are some of the commonly used non-isolated DC-DC converter.

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Market Dynamics: Global DC-DC Converter Market

The global DC-DC converter market is primarily driven by wide range of applications in various industries such as consumer electronics, IT & Telecommunication, energy & power, and automotive among others. Incorporation of advance features in automobile such as advanced driver-assistance system (ADAS) technology, connectivity module, V2X communication module, and LED lighting among others are strengthening the market growth. In automotive applications, the DC-DC converter offers switch-mode power supplies (SMPS) for engine control unit for body, safety and power train units. Along with this, due to increase in number of data center which demands energy efficiency and high performance, the DC-DC converter market is anticipated to witness prominent growth during the forecast period. Furthermore, in defense & aerospace industry, design of DC-DC converter has undergone transformation due to several silent technology drivers over the last decade. New military and aerospace programs, airborne drones, homeland security, and future warrior technologies are all striving for lightweight, low-cost, and highly reliable electronic packages that are offered by DC-DC converters. DC-DC converters are also used in military vehicles for various applications such as autonomous vehicle computing, mobile security equipment, and vision systems among others. Considering all these factors, the demand for DC-DC converter market is expected to rise in coming years. Moreover, DC-DC converters are used in various space applications to provide regulated voltage and current source to subsystem. In DC-DC converter, instead of surface mount technology (SMT), hybrid microcircuit DC-DC converters are preferred. For various space applications, HMC DC-DC converters based on thick film technologies offer benefits in size, reliability and cost.

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