Cedar Berries Market – Perceive Substantial Growth by 2026

Press Release

Cedar berries are the female cones of the Juniper tree that are not actually berries but look like one. Cedar berries contain a very high nutritional value that is high in Vitamin C, flavonoids and glycosides and are used for medicinal purposes. They are used to relieve digestive problems, respiratory problems and also for skin problems. The cedar berries are mostly eaten fresh or dried, chopped or powdered. Mostly used as spices in food by the natives, they are also used for flavoring in tea. Also due to its antifungal properties, the cedar berries are used as a natural preservative. The dietary supplements prepared from cedar berries are also present in the market due to its high nutritional value and medicinal property.

The cedar berries are native to North America and have been used there as an herb for medicinal purposes, flavoring, and natural preservatives for a very long time. It has been very recently introduced to the global market. The end-use market is growing due to the benefits incurred from the cedar berries. And when combined with the other nutritionally good ingredients, they are highly beneficial to treating many ailments.

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The availability of the cedar berries is only in the North America part of the world. That is also just concentrated in a specific part The cedar berries after being plucked are to be packed in an airtight container and placed in cool, dry spot away from sunlight to be preserved for a long time.

The cedar berry species is known to have a better nutritional composition as compared to the juniper berries of other species. The beneficial properties of cedar berries have been used in intestinal problems such as pancreatic dysfunction. Also, the insulin-like properties obtained from the cedar berries have been scientifically proven. The presence of glycosides in cedar berries is known to have hypoglycemic activities. Also, the flavonoids present in the cedar berries have antioxidant activity. Antioxidants are responsible to repair DNA damages and also useful to prevent cancer. Thus the dietary supplements produced using cedar berries are in huge demand due to their multiple benefits on health.

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The market participants that produce the end products of cedar berries are Health and herbs (Live Herbal Tincture), Pure Herbs, Ltd. (Dietary supplements), Herbera LLC (Tincture), Nevada Pharm, LLC (Tincture), Best Botanicals (Powder).

The market participants collect the cedar berries from the native state and use it as the end product.

The end-user market for cedar berries is already developing. The dietary supplements are already present in the market and also alcoholic as well as non-alcoholic herbal tinctures are present that can be added to water or fruit juices to benefit from their nutritional properties. Various skin creams and gin is also being prepared from the cedar berries in North America.

But they were first used in Native America as a spice to flavor meat. Cedar berries have been an underappreciated food and as a flavoring agent has not been brought in the commercial market.

Also, the cedar berries are infused with water to drink as tea in Native America. Such commodity is not presently commercially. Due to the cedar berries having antioxidant properties, a cedar berry infused tea would be really beneficial.

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Also, a lot of research is being carried out on the cedar berries. A chemical has been found out in cedar berries called limonene. It is known to be useful for weight loss, to prevent cancer and to treat bronchitis. Further research can be done on this chemical in cedar berries to manufacture a new product or an enhanced effect from these berries.

In traditional medicine in North America, the cedar berries were used for the birth control in females. This also can be researched which can be beneficial as opposed to that of chemicals that are being used as birth control that have many side effects and have an adverse effect on the health of women.