Zeolites Market Explores Drivers, Trends and Opportunities Forecasts from 2019 to 2029

Press Release

The study opines that synthetic zeolites continue to witness a relatively higher demand than natural zeolites. Sales of synthetic zeolites are likely to remain modest in the foreseeable future, accounting for ~60% shares of the global market. Favorable ecological properties of synthetic zeolites have led them to rapidly replace phosphates as the raw material for manufacturing detergents. The abundant availability of raw materials used to produce synthetic zeolites and the ability to make desired structure with the help of synthetic zeolites are propelling their production and adoption among end-users.

Increasing availability of alternatives to zeolites, such as activated carbon, perlite, aluminophosphates, and silica gels in place of zeolites is expected to ebb the demand for synthetic variants. Although zeolites have gain widespread acceptance across myriad applications, high performance of key alternatives are likely to stymie adoption of zeolites to a certain extent. Moreover, the rising adoption of zeolite-free detergents is likely to boost the demand for substitutes, thereby hindering the market growth.

Zeolites exhibit cuboidal, fibrous, or other crystalline morphologies, which are often considered as contaminants capable of inducing pulmonary changes that cause irritation to the respiratory tract. Few non-pulmonary toxicological changes are created by either the synthetic or natural zeolites, which could hinder the adoption of zeolites in the foreseeable future.

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