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An Above Average CAGR Estimated to be Maintained by Treadmill Motors Market During 2028

Rising preference for cardio and stamina building workouts, and the demand for efficient calorie burning methods is contributing to the demand for residential and commercial use treadmills, and consequently the demand for treadmill motors worldwide.

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Rise in Demand for Residential Treadmills to Boost DC Treadmill Motors Sales: AC treadmill motors are known to produce higher amounts of power than DC motors. In addition they also produce lesser noise than DC motors, owing to this, the demand for AC treadmill motors is anticipated to see a relatively higher demand in the years to come. AC treadmill motors will be preferred in commercial scale treadmills for gyms and heavy duty residential applications.

On the other hand, personal use treadmills are anticipated to see higher demand for DC treadmill motors owing to lower power requirements, and horsepower segmentation is anticipated to see demand depending on activity from regular walking routines, to running. In addition, growing number of public and private initiatives for fitness aimed mainly towards the youth is anticipated to boost demand for treadmills and consequently treadmill motors.

On the other hand, prohibitive prices of treadmills are anticipated to be the primary constraining factor hindering the growth of the treadmill motors market for the entire forecast period. This is especially anticipated to affect the sales of personal use treadmills during the period.

Performance Enhancement through Tech Innovation to Remain Major Focus for Treadmill Motor Manufacturers: Major treadmill motor manufacturers including Brigadoon Fitness Inc., Turdan Industry Co., and Rotomag Motors and Controls Pvt. Ltd. are showing increasing emphasis on performance enhancement to attract commercial and residential consumers.

Brigadoon Fitness Inc. has introduced their new GEN 3 Eco Drive system to run a powerful 6 HP motor, which consumes less power without compromising on the power output. The system can be integrated with the requirements more than 20 unique exercise programs to meet customized fitness goals. In addition the motor parts are also given a 7 year warranty with a possible extension of 6 years. Gemini Controls introduced AC and DC treadmill motors that are integrated with the first pulse width modulated speed controllers that provide silent operation at 16 KHz frequencies. The motor uses an inductance compensation technique, which provides smoother activity, and significantly reduces the need for maintenance procedures. Rotomag Motors and Controls Pvt. Ltd. are providing low cost permanent magnet DC motors and wound field DC motors that provide stong metal housing for improved durability, helical gears, permanently lubricated bearings for frequent starts and stops, along with powder coating for anti-corrosion treatment.

Asia Pacific Treadmill Motor Market to Witness High Demand Owing to Modernization in Fitness Regimes: Rapidly expanding beauty and health industry and increasingly sedentary lifestyles worldwide are boosting the growth for treadmills worldwide, particularly in fitness centers and gyms. The Asia Pacific market is anticipated to see rapid growth for the foreseeable future owing to a wide population base which is increasingly adopting a fitness oriented lifestyle and which is showing an inclination towards the use of modern fitness equipment to avoid the rapidly spreading lifestyle related diseases. China is anticipated to see remarkably high rise in production activity owing to low production and workforce costs. However, the trade tensions between China and the United States regarding steel imports is anticipated to adversely affect the treadmill motors market in the region.

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Categorization of the Global Treadmill Motors Market: Treadmill motors can be largely classified on the basis of application, horsepower, and product type. On the terms of application, treadmill motors can be divided into those for commercial and residential treadmills. On the basis of horsepower, treadmill motors can be divided in to up to 2 HP, 2-3 HP, and above 3 HP. On the terms of product type, treadmill motors can be divided into AC treadmill motors and DC treadmill motors.